Monday, May 31, 2010

Felted house socks for Mom

This pair of socks knit up really quick! I cast on 40 stitches with US sz 11 needles and knit a basic sock. You decrease for the toe 'after' you achieve the length of your foot [or my mom's, in this case].
I used the Reynold's Lopi I had left over from my son's Icelandic Sweater.
Mom said they are the right height and loves them!


shirley said...

Your mum is very lucky to have such beautiful and warm sox for winter.

Snowcatcher said...

They are beautiful, and I can't believe you popped them out that fast! I crochet socks, and it takes me two weeks on the train!

N. Maria said...

Shirley, my mom really is so grateful. :) I also keep her in yarn!!!

Snowcatcher! You crack me up! You, who can crochet a stunning snowflake and take the photos you take! :)

glor said...

Knitting, crocheting and tatting ... I love your blog. I'm just starting to knit, so very slow and have never tatted but would love to learn. Certainly will be back. Your work is beautiful.