Saturday, April 3, 2010

From a hat to a scarf....

Judy B was back to taking Chemo.....again. I met her at my Sister-In-Laws house with the other 3 wood carvers and learned that she would be going through the treatment for a second time.
I felt impelled to knit her some hats and asked if I could. She was elated!
At home, I got out my yarn catalogs and decided on the yarn called "Great Adirondack". [pictured is 1 of 3 hats]
I purchased 3 different colors and just loved the way the yarn felt as I knit love in each stitch.
I presented her the hats and her eyes just lit up! She was so happy someone made her some "new" hair.
Just before the last of her treatments, I got the brainstorm to "repurpose" the hats into a scarf. Judy B was good with that and gave me back the hat she wanted a scarf made from.
Here is the reincarnated hat....which is now a scarf.

Judy B has been "free" for 5 years now.


  1. What a nice friend you are to have. Wish Judy B all the best. I am sure she will look gorgeous in that hat and with winter coming on the scarf will be welcome I am sure.

  2. Wonderful news! And how neat you were able to convert one of the hats into another fine item she can proudly wear!

    I've made hats for a friend who is now going through her third battle with cancer. Last year, I made one hat with bright, colorful braids so she could have long hair. She loved it, and she loved passing it on to another cancer patient who equally loved it when her own hair began growing back again.

  3. What a clever thing to do! Make colorful braids on a hat!!
    I like the idea of passing on the hats, too.


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