Wednesday, March 17, 2010

James Wilson Hathaway [1892-1954]

I've been busy with so I haven't been blogging.........Here's a little TRUE story to keep you with me. :)

There once was this gal named Nancy [me] who grew up to believe she was a granddaughter of Ramon and Maria Bejarano Vega......until she got in her mid 30's.
I will now tell the story:
I was surprised by my Auntie Francis Vega Olmos with the story of who her father was....James Wilson Hathaway. Auntie told me James used to "visit" Maria quite a bit and that is how she and my father, Ramon, came to be in 1938......twins....
That meant he was my grandfather!
Needless to say, I was in shock for quite a few years and then decided to meet some of my family. Sometime in the 1990's, I made an appointment with James David Hathaway [one of James Hathaway's nephews] who was the Appellate Court Judge in Tucson, AZ. I was sitting, in the office, when this man walked up to me with the nicest smile..............I thought it was my father! Judge Hathaway and I had a pleasant meeting. We talked about our children, etc. Then I asked him if he knew about my father and auntie. He said he did but they didn't speak of those things in those days.
We couldn't visit too long as he had a very busy day ahead......but oh, was it nice.
I have since found out that my grandmother, Maria, wore a gold band given to her by James with this simple inscription on the inside - Jim -
So, there it is in a nutshell....the "Other" Hidden Treasures of Santa Cruz County......
NOTE: I have another aunt and her name is Margaret. She IS the daughter of Ramon and Maria.


  1. Read your ancestry how interesting..we have a mystery also but it was pre 1800 and haven't been able to solve it. This was from my grandfathers mother' history.

    Doesn't it all get confusing but it is great to find out who the people were isn't it.


  2. Wow, I'll bet that was quite a shock when you first learned the truth. But how neat to dive into your family tree to find out more and to meet distant relatives.

    I haven't worked on my genealogy in a while now, but I think you've reinfected me with the bug...

  3. Lots of secrets in the closet in my family too, and i am the keeper of some. One I could never figure out is why they called my paternal great grandmother a completely different last name and no it was not because she got remarried.

  4. I think all families have antecedents that are known to the eldest generation but are just not spoke of.

    The best time to learn such things is long after the affected parties have died. (attitudes and mores being time and culturally sensitive and dependent).

    (and now that you are hooked on digging up around the roots of your family tree.....


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