Thursday, April 29, 2010

Miss No Ears

....also known as Candy. What is she? She's an Oberhasli goat.

How did she get the name Miss No Ears? My mother took her in as a rescue. This little doe, around 4 or 5 months old, was attacked by dogs who chewed her ears off....and then some. It made her deaf.

For over a year, Miss No Ears has lived with my mom who had her bred some time back. She was supposed to have her kid(s) on May 12th. Well, it didn't work out that way. Miss No Ears went into labor 4 days ago. My mom is very experienced with all animals and knew this was not a good thing.

Mom checked on her every so often all through the night for two and a half days.....then she saw something. She wasn't sure WHAT it was as it looked like a dark, hairy spot coming out. That's not right, she thought, because the front legs are supposed to be first.

Miss No Ears had another hard contraction and 2 inches of that dark spot was sticking out. My mom touched it and it was the nose of the kid.........and it was cold. Shoot. It's dead.

Without the help of my mom, Miss No Ears would die.

Mom quickly grabbed the 2 inches, of the kid, with her fingertips and helped Miss No Ears by pulling with each contraction. Once it was out, my mom took it out of the barn and came back to take care of the momma.

News today is.....Miss No Ears is fine. She's eating and mingling with the other goats. Thank goodness for my mom's expert knowledge with animals.


Fly Designs said...

I think that's what I should call my husband - Mr No Ears...

N. Maria said...

LOL!! THAT is funny, Pat! :)

Snowcatcher said...

I'm so glad Miss No Ears is fine. Must have been difficult for you and your mom to know she had a stillborn, though.

shirley said...

How sad for Miss no ears, she was lucky to have such a devoted and knowledgeable owner...maybe next time all will go well.

Moms90 said...

How is Miss No Ears faring today?