Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tatting and Martha Washington

I finally got gauge with my Martha Washington Motif! It only took two tries!
This motif was introduced to me by a dear, departed friend named Donneen Wavra years ago. She had crocheted many table clothes for her family, as well as, doilies. Her work was exquisite and I, too, was one of the lucky recipients of her doilies.
My tatting wanted to be in the picture, too.....:)

OT: Can you believe it's already March?! It seems the older I get, the faster the arms of the clock go


  1. The Martha Washington motif is beautiful! Love the tatting too!

  2. I tried to learn to tat, but I lacked the coordination and my aunt lacked the patience. Very nice! Love the things you do!

  3. These pieces are just simply spectacular. Lovely work!


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