Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bagatelle Finished!

Oh, what fun! This is going to be a cute little fulled bag!
I need to find my zippered pillow protector to put it in and toss it in the washer.
This quick little knit can be found on Terry's yahoo group.
Now to crochet up some cute little coasters from the same group site!


Nancy said...

I just found your comment on my blog and I hope you visit often. It is fun finding other knitters. I don't know if you went to past entries, but I knit enough ponchos, etc for a craft table at our church. I will be back to visit you, your knitted items are beautiful. I agree, it is always time to gift a handmade item.

verobirdie said...

I was wondering about Bagatelle. Of course, if I think in English, it had to be a bag, but in French it has other meanings. It is the name of a Park with roses, but it also means "little something of no importance" as in "little sex affairs of no importance" (mainly from the man's point of view). So I did not see the relation with knitting :-)

Anyway, this is lovely!

N. Maria said...

Hi Nancy!
Hi Verobirdie! What an interesting history on the word, Bagatelle. Thank you so much....

ansichtsache said...

Hi N. Maria
In Germany we have also different idiom for the word „Bagatelle“.
Such as insignificance, unimportance, kid stuff and much more… And this have nothing to do with your very wonderfully bag. ;-) But isn't it funny, diffrent languages and diffrent meanings.