Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Double Basketweave Reversible Scarf..for my son

Many, many of you know what it's like to buy yarn you just HAD to have. You don't know what you're going to do with it.....but you have to have it!
I bought three balls of Plassard Merinos (100% SW Wool) in Couleur 241 and Bain 42. [I'm guessing that's Color 241 and Lot 42.]
I knew I wanted to knit my son a scarf from this wool but I could not find a pattern that "spoke" to me.......until 10-11-08. Why that date?
Well, that's the day Terry's group posted that pattern. I instantly could picture my son wearing a scarf with THAT pattern and THAT yarn.....TOGETHER. Yea!!!!!
It's a great knit and looks like cables. I'm about half way through with this project to keep my son warm.


  1. It looks fabulous Maria! I love this colorway, and I think it really emphasises the pattern. Now I have to figure out which yarn from my over abundant stash I want to use with this pattern. How on earth do you find time to do so much knitting?

  2. Beautiful! This yarn really looks great with the pattern!

  3. Oh, Candi! You made me laugh! I am a knitting fool. I knit every day and every chance I get. I think it's when my family really appreciates and wears my knitting, I want to do more!
    And look everyone! The designer of the scarf left a comment!
    Now THAT'S a blessing!

  4. That looks really nice I'm sure he'll be proud to wear it.

    From a French lady, you guessed right, couleur is color and bain is lot.

    And I know what you mean about buying yarn just because and waiting for it to "speak" to you :)

  5. Beautiful!
    I've seen the pattern on the group, and have added it to the "to do" list, even more now that I've seen yours :-)

  6. That is lovely. It really makes me want to do this scarf

  7. LOVE that scarf! I want to knit one JUST like it. I guess I have to go get some of that yarn...I already have Terry's pattern! Thx for stopping by my blog; I'm following you now! Happy knitting.

  8. Your scarf is beautiful love the colors.....have a nice day


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