Friday, September 12, 2008


Reba came to our house on August 5th.
This is a really good story about a gal [me] who really didn't care all that much for dogs - especially in the house. I mean, this gal, grew up with the knowledge that German Shepherds were to be outside to guard/protect the home. That kind of dog is useful.
One day, that gal was looking through the WA shelters [on-line] and saw this little face.........and just had to have her.
She's a 7 month old rescue (8 months old now) and she lives in the house. Yup, you read/heard right. She weighed almost 6 pounds - very underweight. She now weighs 7.45 pounds and loves, loves ME.
Reba is so smart. This gal has trained her to heel, sit, come, and not be anxious. Reba is a relaxed and happy pooch.
What is her breed? Someone mixed Poodle with Chihuahua so she's a Poo/Chi. :)
I love Reba.


candi said...

Oh Maria, I love that little face! How lucky she is that you found her. I would dearly love to have a dog, but the house is full of cats right now, and Dh is NOT a real fan of multiple pets. Please give this beautifull little girl a hug and some pets from me.

Scarlett said...

I knew she needed you!

Mine is trained not to get on the bed without permission. Since we moved we have not put together our wooden hand made bed frame as we discovered one of the legs was cracking. So, it lays on the floor. I caught Stormy laying next to it, with her head on it today. Technically, she must think she is not ON the bed.....:)

Anonymous said...


You're a cutie - we need to have a play date.

Love, Carrie & Chloe

N. Maria said...

Hi Candi! - Reba loved your hugs and petting her!
Hey Scarlett! - Stormy is really, really smart and I agree with her, technically, she's not ON your bed.
Much love and wishing for that play date with Carrie & Chloe!!

Kris said...

Awww, she is a cutie. Enjoy.

Nana said...

Reba is so cute! We love both our little critters one of which is 13 years old but still spunky. They both took to the rules we set..we do spoil them though.