Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oval Doily

Alright now! Here she is after Round 14.

I pinned it out to show you the lovely details! It is definitely knit from the OUTSIDE in.

The pattern is easy to memorize. There is Section A and Section B. Those are repeated 3 times between each pink marker.

Are you knitting Lace? I would love to see!


  1. mom, that is gorgeous!

  2. You're right... the details are lovely! Thanks for pinning it out to show us! Yes, I am knitting lace... 2 scarves... I'll try to post pictures later today.

  3. That will look very lovely, pretty yarn

  4. Outside-in - that's a great idea! I always get discouraged doing inside-to-out or neck down lace, since I make such *great* progress at the beginning, and then it slows down so much. (Which, of course, it doesn't - I'm probably knitting faster, but I'm not getting as many vertical inches of shawl.)

    I'll be doing the Lace-Weight Javelin event for Ravelympics, so I should have some lace up as of 8-9-08...

  5. lace, grace.

    who has time to knit in the summer?

    and that pink reminds me of a pink yet to be finished molly weasley sweater. . . mmmm.

  6. I love seeing the progress picture.

    Uhm, no lace on my needles right now and never have I done anything as intricate as your doing.


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