Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Sweater my son wants me to knit

Well, here it is - the infamous sweater my son would love to have. He sends me the picture and asks, "Mom, I really like this sweater! Can you knit this for me?". Of course I can, says I.
So, I finally charted it to the best of my ability, purchased the yarn, and have son's measurements.

Since I am a huge fan of EZ and Meg, I cast on my swatch as a cap - just as they would. I knit the ribbing in k2, p2 and then a few rows in stockinette. Here is where I noticed how.........far........apart.........the dark stitches are. Oh, oh!

I plunged right in (anyway) and followed the chart, catching the dark float every inch (as Meg would do). I then ripped the 5 or so rounds...........twice.

Did I give up?

Wellllll.......I can't - my son thinks I can do anything.

So, I joined this fabulous group (after searching yahoo groups with "fair isle").

I posted my question about long floats and got several, wonderful responses. I love that group!

Now I can try it again.

Note: After I explained my dilemma to my son, I asked him to look at the chart and see if he could put a few stitches in it here and there. He did so with my pencil, then looked at me with a slightly twisted face and said it didn't look like the picture anymore. So, not only can I try it again.....I WILL try it again. :)


  1. I won't let MY son see that, because I think he secretly wants one like that, too. And well, we are in Texas--he'd never wear it.

    Good for you to keep trying--you will end up with an heirloom AND a lot of new knowledge.

  2. Maria, I admire your self-confidence and your talent. You will do a beautiful job. The swatch you did was beautiful too. Will you have to break the yarn every time you change colors?

  3. You're a brave mom and knitter! All that without the actual pattern? Whew! I'm doing a second fair isle bag but the most space is 5 stitches. I wouldn't want to carry more than that especially a dark color over such a light one. I might ought to join that group!

  4. SueAnn - what are you doing here?!

    Maria - stick with it. EZ makes it all so doable. Her steeked ski sweater was the first adultsized real sweater I ever made. But I don't follow the pattern charts - I just freestyle.

  5. Wow!! What a challenge!
    You will learn a lot. That's the best part of a challenge.

  6. It's going to be lovely once you've conquered it. (And what is it about boys that they'll finally see something that they wouldn't mind having... and it's hands-down the most complicated thing they could have chosen?)


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