Sunday, November 25, 2007

Garter Stitch Hat - in the round

As it happens, in the winter months - it gets cold. *brrrr
I have rarely worn a hat since it doesn't get that cold where I live and I'm not out in the cold that long.
Well, in my daily brisk walking I realized the winds have picked up a cold front!
After that walk, I came in and turned to my trusty computer to find something to knit up to wear around my little ears.

This "Cold Weather Hat" is perfect! It's knit in the round with two strands of worsted wool. I searched through my stash and found these two skeins........

.......and knit them into this.
It was a quick knit and I did one thing different - on the even rounds [of the decrease rounds], I purled them so as to keep it looking, well, like a garter stitch hat.
Well, I'm off now to take my brisk walk in the brisk cool air.....and I won't worry about my little ears getting cold.


  1. Nice hat! I smiled when I read your post because I just recently posted on my blog about the hat that I was supposedly knitting for myself...Husband grabbed it before I could even try it on :-)

  2. I love that hat! I have a friend who is making me a Polarfleece hat which will be warm. She already made me one but it is too small for my BIG head!

  3. OOPs that last comment was from Bonnie


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