Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now you know what color my longies are

In between knitting my first priority, soldier socks, I am knitting these footless longies (aka: Nether Garments). This is just before I joined the legs, which I have now. My fingers are flying to the finish. I have tried them on a few times to make sure I was where I needed to be.......and they are going to be sooooo comfortable and warm.

I never thought these would be easy to knit.....but they are! The instructions can be found in "Knitter's Almanac" by Elizabeth Zimmermann. This pair is knit with Knitpicks Swish Worsted Superwash, in Dublin, using US sz 6 circular needles. I started out with dpn's, then 16" circs and graduated to 24" circs.

I plan on knitting another pair with some wool from School House Press.

If it's cold where you are, you just gotta try a pair. I've got to get back to knitting! Bye!


  1. They look great! Maybe I'll have to give them a try after all.

  2. It is colder than hell froze over tonight and snow flurries, send me some of those!

    I love those!

  3. If you would get home you wouldn't need those
    Your husband


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