Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Swatch(es) for Secret of the Stole

Okay, now......
Here is my first swatch using Jaggerspun Zephyr - knit with US sz 4 needle.

Here is another swatch using Knitpicks Bare - knit with the same needle size.

Did I forget to place a ruler or some sort of measuring device with the swatches? Of course......but I'm not feeling well so I have an excuse......right?
So...which do you all think looks good? Scarlett says the dark one. :)
I also forgot to mention: You, too, can join Secret of the Stole by Nautical Knitter! She told me there are 17 days.....and counting, before it starts! Membership closes October 4th.


  1. I like the darker one, too - the larger picture allowed me to see the color variation. Very nice!

  2. I like both. (smile) But if I must choose I would pick the darker one. 17 days and counting.....

  3. Blogger is being weird so if you end up with two comments from me, feel free to delete one.

    I really like the subtle play of color in the darker one. But then again, you did MS3 in a dark color so you may be ready to knit a lighter one. You could go completely weird and dye the KP Bare. Whatever color you choose, your shawl will be spectacular. All of your knitting is.

  4. I like the lighter one better but that's because my old eyes would have a difficult time working with the darker colour.

  5. I like the light one myself, and then you could use it with ANY beads, or dye it whatever color yor heart desires when it is done!! I am a member of the KAL and I can not wait for it to start!! MAN OH MAN!!!!!

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  7. Maria, I like the light colored one best. Besides you already have the dark colored MS3. I'm doing mine in Jaggerspun Zephyr Teal. Which looks more like a seafoam to me.


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