Thursday, September 13, 2007

MS3 finished.....and finally blocked

Here is my Mystery Stole 3 blocked. I hmmmd and hawed after finding out that the end was going to make it asymmetrical. I just wasn't sure about that and I couldn't imagine that it would look..okay.
I decided to keep knitting it as is.......and I'm mighty glad I did. I like it. I like it very much!
I hope to have a picture taken with it wrapped around me soon so you can see what it looks like worn.
Thank you, Melanie, for a fantastic knit-a-long. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so exciting to hurry and wait for the next clue. I didn't want it to end.
One thing left to do - order the perfect finishing touch that was made especially for this KAL - the Swan Shawl pin from Romi.


  1. Finally! That is gorgeous.

    Darhling does not know you from Adam and usually grumbles when I tell her to look at knitting.

    Upon being commanded to look at yours, she said Oh my god, that is gorgeous!'

    Then I showed her some other finished ones on Ravelry and she said yours were prettier

    No shit. :)

  2. Positively breathtaking. I love the smoky color. It really sets off that wing. And you were so kind to compliment mine. Your knitting is gorgeous. Thanks for the encouragement to keep going on MS3. See you in MS4.

  3. Beautiful looking stole - the smoky grey is lovely. I'll be back to see it on.

  4. It beautiful! I too have seconds thoughts about the wing (I haven't knit it, just admired the work of others) but everybody seem to more or less fall in love with it once it has been blocked.

  5. Just great--I really like the color you chose. Makes it look like a black swan.

  6. What a lovely stole! Now I want to join a Mystery Stole knit-a-long!!

  7. Your stole is spectacular. Now if only I could get around to blocking mine.

  8. I felt just like you about that wing, but I love yours--it's beautiful--and I really love mine! I ordered the feather pin from Romi.

  9. your shawl is just stunning. I am doing a mirrow image of the first half on the second. But that will be waiting for a while!
    Your knitting is beautiful.

  10. Looks great and it's no longer a WIP!!! I finally finished clue 6, but have not been able to convince myself to start clue 7. We needed a little time apart....:)

  11. This shawl is stunning, gorgeous, breathtaking, and the prettiest I have ever seen. You are one talented person! Great job!


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