Sunday, September 16, 2007

I taught my son well.

Isn't this the kind of picture we love of our kids? That's Jasmine guarding and protecting him....maybe even keeping him warm.
It brings tears of warm fuzzy feelings to my eyes each time I look at it. Of course, he isn't that little anymore. He's in college, stands at 6'3" and weighs in at 190 lbs.
You know the things I wrote in my profile? Well, I taught many of those things, that I learned, to my son. I taught him to read and write; to be kind to and respect others; to respect women; to tell the truth; to not spend what you don't have and save for a rainy day; to try new foods and to eat right; to knit; to love animals; to fish; to ride a bicycle; to drive; to change the oil in our truck; to read about firearm safety BEFORE I would teach him to shoot; to have an imagination; and many more things.
So, how is he now that he's basically on his own? He eats well and works out to keep in shape. He doesn't eat sugar, drink soda pop/alcohol or smoke; knit me a scarf; loves to read; wants to learn other languages; likes to fish; tells the truth; spends only what he has and doesn't touch what he saved to cover the deductible for his car insurance; is a good driver; has good work ethics; respects others; and he is kind, especially to me.
I love my son.


  1. I love that photo! And am glad to read how well your son turned out; you have good reason to be proud.

  2. You did a great job raising your boy to be a man. And he did a great job of listening and being guided to adulthood.

  3. Nancy...adorable picture! Being the mom of 3 boys I can relate. My baby turns 20 on Saturday and I feel like they grow up too fast! You raised a good boy into a good man...some day his wife will thank you :o) Oh, I like the white swatch best, JMHO


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