Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Mystery Stole Clue #4 finished

Wow! The knitting just flowed. This time it was easy to memorize. You can see my lifeline and remember, this isn't blocked so it doesn't really look like it is going to look. Did that make any sense? Hmmm.
Another thank you to Melanie, the designer. She's incredible. To be part of the next one, click on her name and join so you can be informed of the details!!
Before I start to knit lace, from a chart, I like to count the plain knit squares and write that number to the far right from where I read the chart. In other words, when there is a symbol and then blank squares - I write the number of the blank squares right after the symbol. That way, I don't have to scan across the row for the number and quite possibly lose my place - it's right there and waiting.
In order to keep my place, I place a magnetic strip ABOVE the row I am about to knit. I do this so I can see what my knitting should look like right below that row to make sure I place a yo in the right place, etc. I can catch errors much quicker that way.
I can breathe now as I wait for Friday and "Clue #5"......and knit on some other very important projects. I have bunches of socks for soldiers to knit and a summer sweater (or two) by Sally Melville.


  1. Well I just love all your lace work! I also belong to the mystery stole, I am on clue 2 still! I have also been in all the mystery kals and only finished one so far! If there were only more hours in the day!
    I love your sweaters too!
    Would love to chat by email instead of comment tag!

  2. That is gorgeous!!!!! How has working with the dark yarn gone? The next one I make is going to be done in black.

  3. I love this so far. Wonderful work!


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