Thursday, August 2, 2007

My name is Maria......and I'm a Bag-A-Holic

This is my bag before felting.

This is my bag after felting, adding stars and a handle.
It's fun to knit a purse every month but it's not a requirement.
Come join the group! Not only can you see the materials list for my cute bag for July ~ you should see the project for August! Wow!
Besides......what would one more project on the needles hurt? ;-)

Many, many thanks to Terry Ross, a fabulous designer.


Romi said...

Hee. That's adorable!

Scarlett said...

I love the way your purse turned out, I probably won't make mine till next spring,

Cayli said...

Thanks for the help on MS3 clue 5. I should of started knitting it before I asked because like you said there ends up being a large gap there to remind you anyway.

Very Cute Bag!

Diane said...

What a cute bag. I love the shape!