Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Socks for my son

These socks (Sport Sock with a Hemmed Ribbed Top) were an experiment on my CSM. Just like the pattern said ~ a bit time consuming but worth the effort. The pattern could easily be adapted to hand knitting. I used Trekking XXL in Color 03 and had plenty left over after making them long enough to fit shoe sz. 13.
They were so much fun to do, especially since I was making them for my son. He truly appreciates everything I make or do for him.
I wonder what I'll be making for him next.......


  1. Nice socks for your handsome son. I like the way the colorway patterned. He should wear them with pride.

  2. Those socks are very pretty, the colourway turned out so nice. This are colours my son would love.

  3. Nice Socks - I want to try something like this - for wearing in running shoes.

  4. Cool socks. I love the color.


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