Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thank You

I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the people who ordered my crocheted 4-Leaf Clover with pattern: THANK YOU!!
I hope you can use it for years to come!

On another note: Who is this picture of?'s me about 10 years old on Sweet William (or Old Bill)!
My mother got him for me after she showed me the correct way to ride a horse without hurting his mouth. He was the type where if you dropped the reins, he would stop and stand there all day! He didn't inch away from you as you tried to get on him, either! He taught me well. I will never forget him.


  1. I love family pictures. I should get mine out and scan them. But, then I would have to hook up the scanner and that involves finding it and .....

  2. I wanted to learn horse back riding all my life. As I turned 39 I went to a riding stable and was riding for three years. It was great! I stopped, after I fell off one time too many, it suddenly seemed too dangerous to keep going. I loved all about horse back riding, especially the time you spent brushing your horse etc.

  3. I had a horse named Kapi`olani when I was 11... oh my goodness, how I loved her! We kept her at friends' house in Kane`ohe on the windward side of O`ahu, then moved her back to Honolulu. I used to ride her in Kapi`olani Park. Loved riding bareback. Thanks for the great memories which your photo brought back.

  4. I know this young lady. And young she is. Like 13 1/2 yrs young then myself. What a wonderful friend to have. All but for one thing. Maria thinks I should take agage every time I make something. I have been knitting for 45 plus years why would I listen to her after all these years. The both of us ride motorcyces. I am learning to spin. Maria has two good looking boys. I wish I was their age. And she a nice husband. Her hubby is a neat freak. I don't have time to be one anymore. Got to keep knitting. Any way it is wonderful to know Maria. I always know that she is there for me when I need her for anything. Love You girl Motorcycle Mama


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