Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Almost three-year-old socks

I absolutely love these socks!!!
Everytime I put them on it feels like butter! Even though I made them almost three years ago, they look brand new. There is NO reinforcement in the heels and toes with this merino from Pat Fly's collection of Monarch and none is needed. Not ever! It is 100% pure merino. There isn't any sign of a hole or thinning, even though my big toe usually sticks up (as a shoe repair doctor once told me). I wear them all year round.
I love the striping, the colors and the feel.
Hubby has a pair, too, and likes the way they keep his feet dry.
No need to be hesitant on adding her merino to your collection. Pat is as honest as they come.

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Scarlett said...

I hope mine last that long. I have yet to try meriono wool, will have to try that on my next pair.