Thursday, July 21, 2011

To Canada and back

The proof is in the pictures......and the new words and phrases I learned. 
I had the best "holiday" of my entire Victoria, Canada.  Oh for sure, eh.  I know that that’s an Eastern Canadian thing but I couldn’t help myself!  I loved to say that!
Sitting on the Clipper for 2 hours and 45 minutes, I was able to finish single crocheting around my Wild Rose Scallop Doily (sz 30 thread and US 10 hook).  The ship docked and my feet were on solid ground in Victoria.  I looked around for a short time when my friend, Julie, greeted me with the brightest pink cap on her head.  She seemed as happy to see me as I was to see her.  I met Julie, who gives the best FREE advise on the care of an aging loved one (just click on her name), many years ago at an antique circular sock-knitting machine retreat in Lacey, WA.  We hit it right off and she has asked me many times when I was coming for a visit.  Once I mentioned I didn't have a passport.  "Well, get one!" was Julie's response.  So I did.  Finally.
After I met Robert, Peter and Veronica and Arban, I remember eating the best tasting food....EVER!  I could go on and on about THAT!

So my friend Julie, well…used to be my friend……  You see, she did a sneaky thing and surprised me with these lovely ladies who wanted to meet the KnackfulKnitter from Washington.  I can no longer say I have never had a person pull a surprise on me. 
These ladies are all very talented….  From Left to Right, there’s Marilyn, no longer my friend…Julie, Catherine, Dela and Gayle.  We had show and tell with our knitting projects, talked about weaving and Tunisian crochet and even had Julie wait on us.  
Like I said, I had the best holiday of my entire life!


  1. Invite Maria to your home. She's the best house-guest. She'll cook a meal for you that will have you begging for the recipe. She'll ride shot-gun and give you the "Clear right." AND, she'll stay up and entertain your kids when you need to go to bed!
    Despite her renouncing her friendship with me, I still call her a dear friend and when she comes begging for another holiday, the welcome mat will be out. No surprises ... maybe.
    x J.

  2. Julie, I loved every minute of my holiday and will surely be begging for more!
    Love you to pieces.

  3. Maria, that was a lovely experience, and Julie (no longer your friend) I am sure will soon be in the good books. She seems such a kind and thoughtful person. I am so pleased you had such a great time, but I am glad to see you back again.
    Now all you have to do is plan for a visit down under.

    hugs from me

  4. Oh Maria, you are a LUCKY lady to have such friends; it sounds as though you two are truly connected. You cannot have too many friends!!! Bless you all! AND I am happy to hear you had a wonderful time...


  5. (((Maria))) Just a quick hug from 'no longer your friend' Marilyn G! (What did I do? lol) It was great to meet you -- just remember, next time you come up here you have to include a side-trip to Salt Spring Island for a little knitting cruise! Let's stay in touch... :-)

  6. (Never mind, I just re-read what you wrote and figured out the error of my ways)!


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