Sunday, August 24, 2014

Doin' some sewin'

 August BOM - the 12th block for the year
 Keep the sun out hat and "take me fishin'" hat
 Nice, bright flannel booties
Newborn bibs backed with flannel


  1. Love the colours on your teacup block. ...and the seams are so straight and neat.
    The baby hats are gorgeous and those colourbibs will be so useful. Are you sewing for a new grandchild?

  2. Oh, Maria, your coffee cup block looks FABULOUS! Mine is, er, well, hmmmm. Where did I put that pattern and fabric? Oh, well. We signed up for next $5 quilt club on Fridays at 11am. You?
    All your doilies are STUNNING and of course, cute baby stuff! Gonna need a 'Maria fix' pretty soon out here........

  3. Boy, some little person is going to be very well dressed! Wonderful that you are able to do this again!


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