Monday, July 21, 2014

A crocheted doily and a Herbert Niebling doily

 You, too, can crochet this doily.  It is the July Member's Choice at DOM and
is FREE.
I used sz 10 crochet thread and US sz 4 hook.
This beautiful doily was designed by Glenda Hunt and can be purchased at DoilyHead's Blog.
I test knit this twice because I knit it with sz 10 crochet thread the first time and was 
reminded it needed to be with larger thread for the size of a baby blanket.  
It was a wonderful knit and there are no errors.  :)


  1. Both are beautiful! I haven't crocheted a doily in a while, and I've never knit a doily, let alone a Herbert Niebling doily! I'm impressed!

  2. Both are so spectacular, but as you probably know, I'm really drawn to the crocheted doily. :)

  3. Wonderful work as usual Maria. Makes me was to see if I can find my crochet hooks. I will just admire your beautiful work.
    Back home again after my sojourn to the farm.

  4. Lovely! Especially the knit one. :)


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