Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tat, dig, weave and eat

 August Be-Stitched pattern.  I suggested a 2 round square pattern that can be tatted into a tablecloth and this is what Nancy Tracy came up with.  
I used Baroque Thread.
 Not a good year for the garden....only a little over 2 1/2 pounds from 6 seed potatoes.
 This is a cotton blanket I wove for my son and sewed a blanket binding on.  Just look at those mitered corners!
Breakfast.  Two poached eggs from the chickens on my homemade sourdough bread lightly toasted.  Yes......I like pepper.  :)


  1. I saw that pattern on Be-Stitched. It looks great! Are you going to add to it for a table runner or large doily?

  2. How did you weave the blanket??? Do you have a loom? Because I have a loom and I'm going to need some lessons on how to use it!!! It's not actually in my house yet, but soon!
    I've never eaten a poached egg.....

  3. You weave, too?!? Man, there is no end to your talents. The mitered corners are lovely, the potatoes are more than I got, and the breakfast looks good enough to drool on my keyboard...

  4. Wow girl you have been busy....weaving, you are so clever. I agree with snowcatcher no end to your talents. I wish I could grow potatoes that well. I have made b & b pickles, but those sound yum with the pepper and onion. Good to catch up again.


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