Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tatting the Daffodil Doily....

....has been quite an experience for this inexperienced shuttle tatter!
The thread I used was Manuela Color by Stahl Wolle.  I believe it is a sz 10 thread.  I first thought the thread was dirty until I looked at it in better lighting.  The color is variegated and SO subtle....
My, oh, my!  I wanted to have a knotless doily.  Well, I got that by learning to make a split chain AND split ring by Linda Davies YouTube video.  She does such a beautiful job showing you how. 
I have the booklet "Learn to Tat" with interactive dvd by Janette Baker.
The pattern, in my copy, had several errors and omissions for this pattern.  I contacted Ms. Baker to let her know and she graciously gave me a link to a pdf file with the correction on her website.  It's here.
I finished this piece today [picture was taken a few days ago] and I decided to leave it as is with the extra ring.  *sigh*
All in all -- I learned a great deal and am feeling more confident to work on other pieces and learn even more techniques.
Once I get this blocked, I'll post a finished photo.


Snowcatcher said...

Well, you definitely are helping me to work up the courage to give it a go. Thank you for the helpful link! I have my grandmother's shuttle, and I've never used it. It intimidated me for many years, and for the last few months, it's been the opposite. I think it wants to be loved!

N. Maria said...

I'm glad you liked the link. Yes, Ms. Snowcatcher, I believe your grandmother's shuttle wants to be loved! :)
I'm willing to bet, it would love to be photographed, too....

Lelia said...

thx for the link. I, too, have that book + wasn't able to complete the project.

So, I found another pattern + started another round of tatting --- didn't finish. Maybe some day.

Lelia said...

thx for visiting my humble blog. I've got two giveaways going right now (winners on 2/17)

Reading and tatting -- what joys in life : )

sewmuchfun4 said...

It looks VERY pretty to me! I like the start of the last round in this picture. I see what you mean about the thread - it does INDEED have very subtle shifts in color!

I'm going to check out Linda's video. I understand the THEORY of split chains, but just can't seem to put it into practice. Thanks for the link!

:) Ann

Joëlle said...

Hi Maria,

I'm very late finding this doily post but I saw it as I was looking up doily patterns on the web. LIke that last round that looks like hen & chicks. I also couldn't help spotting your shuttle (one of the first ones I made!). I'll now go have a look at what you've made more recently.
Best wishes,

MomDea said...

the link did not work for me with the corrections. Being a new tatter I went crazy trying to figure this pattern out. so disappointing. thanks for your help.... if you can share the pdf I would greatly appreciate it.

N. Maria said...

Well, I was disappointed to find the link does not work any longer.
I wonder if you emailed Ms. Baker for the correction.
If not, email me.....knackfulknitter(at)gmail(.)com
I tried to find your email through your blog.