Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Lace Shawl......

.....knit to perfection!
It all started out as a shawl to take with me on my plane ride.  You know how you will "hurry up and wait" at an airport...well, I remembered reading EZ saying about knitting a shawl while traveling "it is a perfect travel-knitting".  And it is.
I cast on, at home, to get a good start and to where I would be able to knit round and round on a 29" circular needle.
Only thing was the tips of the diamonds were staring at me with unhappiness.  Why?  Because they were not "centered".  Ugh!  When I got home, I ripped [also known as frogged] back and started over. 
As I got to the points....I stopped.  I took a rest and watched my newly acquired DVD called "Knitting Lace with Meg Swansen".  Ah, ha!  There it was!  Just what I needed!  A centered eyelet by Amy Detjen and demonstrated by Meg!
My fingers moved stealthily along, making all the points "perfect"! 
I am knitting and doing the Happy Dance [in my mind].  I look forward to finishing up, blocking and wearing my lovely shawl.
NOTE:  The yarn I am using is Burgandy 4-ply 70% Wool/30% Silk from Little Wool Company and made in New Zealand.  It came in 1000 yards at 200 grams.  I'm knitting with a US sz 10 circular needle.


  1. Well, geeeeeez... it looks perfect to me!!! But this isn't the frogged version, right?

    Nice to know circs can go on an airplane! That's so handy to know!

  2. LOL...You are right, Deb [aka: Snowcatcher], this isn't the frogged one.
    I was so happy that I could knit and wait for the plane and on it!! Yes!


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