Thursday, July 8, 2010

Special Tatting Shuttles

Oh, oh, oh!! I say that 3 times because I have 3 gorgeous shuttles!

I received them in June but was so busy driving around town showing them off! I opened the package at the post office and showed them to the ladies there, then off to the public library for those ladies to see them and lastly to the local yarn shop where the owner drooled over them. Too bad she is a needle tatter! She is missing out!

I love, love, love them and started tatting with them right off! They tat lovely work! :) better than the regular, flat looking ones!

Where can you get yours, you ask? You can have a beautiful shuttle, or two, at Lacossette. The owner and I were emailing back and forth when she noticed two shuttles sold. I had to hurry and buy mine or I would have lost them TOO!

You will also be able to see better photos of them than what I took of mine.
Thank you, Joƫlle, for my shuttles!


  1. They are awesome! I just favorited her shop earlier this week! FUN FUN! :D

  2. Hey those are lovely! Mine are the common silver coloured ones. Never knew there were ones like these. Thanks for sharing!


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