Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From yarn to socks...

Armed with US sz 1 dpn's, Lana Grossa Fantasy yarn [Farbe 4760; Partie 24588] and my son's traced foot - I came up with these!
My gauge was 7 sts/inch and I'm super fussy when it comes to the pattern continuing down the front of the foot. What do I do to make sure that happens, you ask? ;o)
When I knit the heel flap I use the other end of the skein leaving the yarn hanging there waiting to be used again. Once the gusset stitches are picked up and ready to be knit round and round, I abandon [break off] that end of the skein and pick up the lonely yarn that has been waiting patiently to be put to use again.
The pattern is simple, K2, P2 rib with 64 sts; half of them for the heel flap; K2, P2 down the front of the foot and finish off with a stocking st toe until there are 20 stitches to do the Kitch with.
They took me around 3 days to knit. I sent them off to his college, he got them......and.....and........they fit! Woo, hoo! [NOTE TO SELF: Make the leg 7 inches next time] :)

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