Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love, I mean LOVE, counted cross stitch

I finally took a picture of it. DH picked this one out and it was a very challenging counted cross stitch. There were many stitches that used 2 different colored strands at once...........but boy did it make [IMHO] a stunning piece.
Most people, that see this, think it is a painting.
Do you like to cross stitch and what have you done? Please include a link to your work in the comments.


Holly said...

Haven't done any counted cross stitch for years. Something about my eyes aging (grin) and love for knitting.

Your piece is truly terrific!

Anonymous said...

wow that is awesome i dont have the paitience for it myself lol
i do love to crochet though
you have some lovely stuff posted the doilies are great!!!
have a great day

Scarlett said...

I would tell you that is awesome, but you already know that . . .

show off!

Lost City Denise said...

Well done!

Maria - meet Left Sox she cross stitchs too!