Monday, January 4, 2010

A doily for a friend....

....I just found out their house burned down.

In 1998, I crocheted this same doily for Marilyn in MO. She picked this pattern, after looking through several of my doily books. It's called Curtain Call and it can be found in 'The Ultimate Doily Book' from the American School of Needlework.
I started this yesterday using Steinbach Wolle (sz 10) and a US sz 5 crochet hook. I should be finished with this today, block it and mail it off. She doesn't know I'm crocheting her another one.

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jmk said...

What a sweet and thoughtful thing to do. I'm sure she'll be touched. I hope your friend is able to get back on track soon.

PS Just visiting after seeing your "intro" on Celty's group. :-)