Sunday, December 6, 2009

My tatted flutterby.....

I actually don't set aside enough time to do this. Since teaching myself, with a video from the library, how to shuttle tat - I've developed a real love for the old craft.
This is tatted with sz 10 crochet thread.
Once, on an airplane sitting between two men, I took my tatting out and began working. They both leaned forward and asked me what I was doing......we talked the whole trip about tatting!
Who would have thunk!


  1. that is so nice...I have always wanted to learn how to do tatting but felt it might be too difficult...

  2. thankk you for stopping buy and thank you for your kind comment. :)

  3. I am learning to tat too! I just had to put it aside until after the holidays. I do enjoy it but am still much to slow at it to make Christmas gifts, lol!

  4. I would love to tat too. (tattoo?)
    I love your purple butterfly!

  5. Oooo, how cool! My sister-in-law tats, and her grandmother tried to teach me - I'll get it eventually. (When I have less UFOs, I'm allowed to learn *another* craft/art.)

  6. How beautiful. My grandmother used to tat, but was never sucessful in teaching me.


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