Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a little cold.....

....in Chehalis, WA!!! Just look at the Timberland Library's lovely fountain! It's in freeze mode....
This is very unusual for this area.
When I walk outside, the grass crunches under my footsteps, my breath can be seen and my nose gets cold......I also feel alive..
I would love to hear how it is in your part of the country....and please include a link!


  1. It is cold here...was 27 when I went to work this morning. We have snow on the ground from the other day. We are supposed to get a snowstorm at 3 a.m. changing over to freezing rain and rain after 9 a.m. Sounds like there might be no school tomorrow!

  2. It is cold today here in Georgia. For 2 days, very windy which brought in this cold front. I do like the photo of the fountain though!

  3. Central Va is not quite that cold. It is in the low 40s

  4. Hi,
    You mentioned Chehalis WA and the freeze we had....question, do you live in Chehalis?
    I do and wonder whereYou are located? Evie

  5. Hi Evie,
    Yes, I sure do live in Chehalis. Please go to my profile and click on Email me.


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