Thursday, April 3, 2008

I remember Wilbur

I was 9 years old when our mom brought home a baby Red Duroc pig. My two younger sisters and I gathered around to watch the little pig learn its way around the huge pen. We named him Wilbur - from our favorite book, "Charlotte's Web".

Every day, after school, we would run into the house to change our clothes, do our chores and play with Wilbur. We scratched his belly after he finished drinking water from the hose. We washed his feeding trough and made sure his bedding was fluffed up in his shelter. He quickly grew big and strong and would even let us ride him. This went on for 6 was inevitable that we fell in love with Wilbur.

One day, after school, we could not find Wilbur! He was gone!! I don't remember exactly what mom told us.....

Days later, mom had prepared a ham dinner. [Mind you, my mother was a German gourmet cook] Us 3 girls were all seated around the table when mom brought our plates of food. We sat there silent, with our eyes wide open - staring at the ham. The silence was broken when mom said, Come on! Let's eat!

It was either my sister, Doris, or me that asked with a shaky voice and bottom lip sticking out - Is that Wilbur?

Mom said, Yes it is. I told you girls, over and over, to not play with him because he was going to be butchered. Now let's eat!

Oh, you should have heard the wailing!

Well, us girls didn't eat any meat that night but mom tells me, we eventually did - days later.


  1. That cracks me up! When we first moved to GA, we bought 2 pigs and called them Pork Chop and Bacon. They were like dogs and would wait for us in their pen that ran the length of the driveway each days and run to meet us at the gate. My daughters adored them and would play with them every evening as they were cleaning the pen. When they where served for dinner, I couldn't eat it, but the girls enjoyed it, though I don't think they realized what they were eating lololol :-)

  2. I love to read your family stories! If only I had a few of my own! I must have had a very boring childhood. Thanks for much for sharing them!

  3. Thank you, Georgi and Lily, for your comments. I love sharing and hearing others stories, too.
    I also love to respond to people that have left comments!
    Thank you, again!


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