Sunday, January 20, 2008

The things I am so grateful for

~ I am grateful for wonderful friends who have sons that can help edit a picture to fit a blog header and move the words around. It's Teri McD, a member of Socks for Soldiers, and her son Keith. Thank you, Keith!!!! I love my new blog header!!

~ I am grateful to my mom. She made me what and who I am today....and more. No matter how tired she was from working to support 3 growing girls, she always stopped when she heard, "Watch ME, mom!" When we sat together in the living room, we raced to see which one of us would be on either side of her and one sitting at her feet. On weekend mornings, she would sometimes be awakened to 3 girls snuggling up to her and she would smile.

~ I am grateful to my son, Frankie Jr. Even though he's grown up, I still see that little boy who fit the poster he had in his room forever. It was a close-up picture of a Cowboy digging his heels in the thick dirt, bulldogging a steer and it said "Boys Will Be Boys". I must have raised him right, right from the get go because he is good and has a level head on his shoulders. He still likes to hug and snuggle with me.....and he loves my cooking.

~ I am grateful to my DH (aka: Darling Husband or Ed). September 13th will be our 8th Anniversary. We have been through a big learning curve with each other. I believe the older we get, when we get together to make a life, the longer it takes to "get" each other and appreciate the differences. It's harder to bend.....but it's much better. Ed gives me the opportunity to devote so much to my passion for Socks For Soldiers. He never once complains about that.....and HE loves my cooking, too.

~ I am grateful to my Internet friends. My goodness, I've made many. I should have warned you all that when I make friends, it's for life. Ask my friends that I call up after 20+ years. ;)

~ I am grateful to my late husband's friends who email or call me every so often to make sure I'm okay. They've been doing this for over 20 years now.

~ I am grateful to have the opportunity to participate in Socks for Soldiers. Nothing touches the heart like seeing the smiles on the soldiers faces as they open the boxes Kim sends. You cry and then want to knit more and faster. Like Kim says, it's "we" that makes her mission to let soldiers know they are not forgotten. Kim and I have never met, yet she made me a moderator. She is also known as Sarge and her keyboard is aka: Command Central. She is tough and soft all rolled into one. My one wish is that every sock knitter knit just one pair to send to Kim. THAT would be awesome......and we would all cry.

~ I am grateful to my sisters. I remember having lots of fun growing up.......and, I would have never learned how to fight without them. :)

~ I am grateful for the talent I have to master anything crafty or mechanical.....and to share my talent with others. I think it would be a sin, not to.

Okay, I'll stop for now. It looks like, since I've missed blogging for a few weeks, I'm trying to make it up all at once!

Oh! One more:

~ I am grateful that I started a blog because............

I met YOU.
When YOU visit my blog, you visit me. I count each and every one of you as a blessing in my life. Thank you.


  1. Wonderful banner, I love the mom picture. You were busy today.

    I was not.

  2. I love the picture of your mom! What a great way to honor her!
    I enjoyed reading the things you are grateful for - and appreciate the reminder it brings to be grateful, too.

  3. I love the picture of your Mom too!
    I don't cry easily but almost did when I read your "grateful" list. thanks for sharing.


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