Thursday, January 24, 2008

Family History.......

......and I've been tagged by Romi!
The rules are very simple:
I am to open a book I am currently reading to page 161 and copy the fifth sentence on the page.
Well, it isn't as simple for me since I do more knitting than reading - so....this is a great place to put my knitting down and read the book I stuck a marker in.
In this book, on page 161, 5th sentence - it reads, "She had been beaten and abused by her husband and wanted to get out of Nogales so he wouldn't be able to find her."
The book is "Hidden Treasures of Santa Cruz County" by Betty Barr.
A little history here: In my 30's, I found out my Grandfather, on my father's side, was not my Grandfather. Well, let's see, my grandparents lived on a ranch in southern Arizona (in Santa Cruz County) while working for a rancher named Jim Hathaway. Yup, you got it - HE is my grandfather. Oh, I learned so much and it is sooooo interesting, to say the least.

{If you want to read more about my findings, please leave a comment!!!}

Now for my 5 tag-ees: Scarlett; Kat; Rochelle; Irie and Diana!! Gosh, I wanted to add a few more, but those are the rules!! Ready, set, GO...........


  1. I'd love to hear more! It sounds really fascinating.

    I've got an interesting twist in my family tree. My grandmother and her older sister married father and son, so my grandmother's sister was also her mother-in-law. LOL!

  2. This is interesting. Love to hear more. I did find out that I am a DAR. Unfortuately, I am not a (snobby) east-coast southern I won't spend the money to join or prove to them from whence my family came. Hehe!

  3. I just realized I did your name wrong with I did the meme yesterday. I am SOOOO sorry. Please accept my humblest apologies. That's what I get for trying to do this stuff so early in the morning.

  4. Late, but arriving, who - HOO. So cool how (insert dreamy hippie voice), like dude, how life is one small circle of coincidences.

    Yes, please tell us more, I have my tea and biscuit ready, dear storyteller.

    Okay, I will post right soon as I find a book that has that many pages . . . .

  5. Can it be ANY book? This sounds interesting....

  6. I'd love to hear more. Family stories are always so interesting.

  7. Where or where has Maid Nancy gone missing at?

  8. I am fascinated by family history--anyones!!

    As a retiree, knitting blogs such as your's are a great comfort to me.

    Please continue...


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