Sunday, October 28, 2007

Did anyone know I was gone?..and The Road Trip

I left Washington to live in Northern Arizona for a few months ~ mainly during the holidays last Wednesday. Why? To spend time with my college son. :)
I got to my destination Friday afternoon.
First stop: filled the tank up at Woodland, WA so I could drive straight through Oregon. Price was $2.859/gal.
Second stop: Yreka, CA to fill up after 363 miles at $3.359/gal. While I was there, I saw a quaint looking place to eat called Grandma's House. So, instead of a fast food chain, I opted for this place. I am so glad I did! The atmosphere, hostess, waitress, food and other customers were all wonderful.
Third stop: it was going to be Redding, then Red Bluff. It ended up being Corning, CA. I stayed at the Best Western Inn. Once again, I was greeted with a friendly atmosphere and Shannon who checked me in. The room was very nice and breakfast was available from 6-9 a.m. In the morning, I spent some time with the help and Karen, who gave me my receipt. I don't have all their names but they were all so nice. I also met a few people that were displaced by the fires.
Fourth stop: Westley, CA to fill 'er up after 337 miles at $3.059/gal if you paid cash.
Fifth stop: Newberry Springs, CA to fill 'er up after 360 miles. This was an emergency one since I thought I was going to run out of gas and the most expensive at $3.499/gal.!! I ordered a burrito and ate it in my truck.
Sixth stop: I couldn't resist stopping when I saw a Pilot Travel Center advertising gas at $2.739/gal. So after only 146 miles, I filled up.
Seventh stop: Best Western Kings Inn & Suites in Kingman, AZ. Here's another time where the clerk was very pleasant, my room was nice and it was late....11 p.m. They provided breakfast from 6-10 a.m. Very, very nice.
I was up early and arrived at my destination by noon. It feels good to set up house and have some of my favorite things around else but yarn! :)

Pictures are of Mt. Shasta with a hint of sunset on the top; The full moon; the full moon and Mt. Shasta; and then the blood red sun setting in Barstow.
I hope I was missed.
I'm back on line now and happy to be blogging!


O/C Knitiot Designs said...

Your trip sounds like you had a good one! Not having problems is good! Your pic are beautiful. I know you will enjoy time with your son.

Fly Designs said...

We stopped in Yreka, too! On the way down to my son's house.
It's a neat town, isn't it? We stayed at the Best Western there.
Glad you got to AZ OK :)
PS: yesterday was my birhtday

Lamzie Divy Woolens said...

I miss you already! Enjoy your new location near your son. Arizona is a great place.

Anonymous said...

I am going to try this again, Maria, if it works I can start leaving messages here, I hope. I love your blog.

Suna said...

Sounds like a lovely trip, and I am glad you made it safely. Beautiful photos, too!

Ann said...

Hi Maria! Wow, you're more brave than I am to drive that far alone! Good for you, enjoy your time with your son.
Hugs, Ann in MA

Romi said...

Wow. lovely photos. And it sounds like a great trip. I hope you are enjoying your son's hugs! :)