Friday, November 27, 2015

Yoder, Colorado fire destroys my moms property

I called my mom, Tuesday morning, for our regular chat.  She was looking forward to getting into the Thanksgiving Salmon I sent her from MadeInWashington, some delicious goodies I send her every year.

It was about 1-2 hours later that I received a call from moms friend, Esther.  She was frantic and told me she had my was safe...but not her house and 40 acres.

You can read some of the news and see the photos of my moms house and outbuildings here.
Mom is 81 and was in shock and will not have her routine back for some time.

If you are wanting to help with expenses, you can send your donations to:

Twin Star Credit Union
1020 5th Ave SE
Olympia, WA 98501

Account # 61927-10 "Margot Paul Emergency Fund"

Thank you for any help.


Snowcatcher said...

Oh, my, Maria! I'm so glad your mom is okay, even though this has got to be devastating. What a way to start off the holidays. You know both of you will be in our prayers. We'll be making a donation as soon as we get back home, too.

N. Maria said...

Thank you, Deb.....
Mom is so sad.

shirley said...

Maria, I was so shocked to her the news of your mother what a terrible loss for her at this age. No wonder she is in shock. I will be thinking of you both.
love and hugs from afar