Thursday, February 13, 2014

Here's what happened to me, today...

 This coop and run was delivered to us in June 2013.  Nice, right.  Picture it without grass inside.
Well, it wasn't today.  See the latch on the long side of the 4'x8' run that is only 3' tall?
I was wanting to take a really good look inside so I took the spring hook off, did a squat and closed the door behind me.  Yup, you got it.....I locked myself inside the run.  Stop laughing so you can read on.
 See this lovely, clean inside with such a beautiful brand spanking new ladder....all untouched by Le Poo?
You got it.  
After I yelled for help, it dawned on me that I could be in here with the chickens for hours!  I wasn't
the only one not happy with me in there.  The girls were tilting their heads and following me around talking to me.  At that moment, I was very happy it wasn't a puppy who would be ALL over me!
I assessed the situation and saw a possible escape route to the left of the ladder and under
the roost that is about 18" high.
Never mind that I had "to town" jeans on.....but luckily I had the "feed the chickens and clean the roost" jacket on, so I got on my elbows and felt like I was crawling under barbed wire telling myself to keep my head down (yes, I told myself to keep that part down, too).
This is another early photo of one the girls getting used to the coop.  See that feeder in the far back?  The
water container wasn't in there so I could finish crawling through the mud and poo around the feeder.
It was really tough on me with the painful tendinitis in my left wrist but I persevered.
No one my age should have to experience that!
I hope I learned my lesson.  
Don't go where the chickens go!


  1. I couldn't help chuckling... That's something I would do. I'm glad you found an escape route!

  2. That's too funny. I can just see me doing that too!!!! SOOO pleased you found a way out so quickly - if you hadn't you may have started laying eggs to pass the time of day!!!!!

  3. That is so funny Maria, I laughed and laughted.... So glad you didn't have to spend the day in there. Now you will have to get an inside latch as well so you can leave the outside one off when you go to collect the eggs just in case!!1


  4. oh goodness! not a fun thing. chicken poop is not fun. any way you could have lifted the front edge and crawled out? We are getting chickens again this year. haven't had any for the past 10 yrs.

  5. Oh no! Sad that your wrist didn't feel good, but at least they won't be finding remains of "chicken preistess interred with sacred chickens" 1000 years from now!

  6. I've read this at least four times now and I STILL keep laughing! Of course, it's only because it's just SO likely to happen to any of us who keep animals! Too funny, my dear! I hope your wrist pain is soon a thing of the past! Thanks for making a bright spot in my day!


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