Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tatting thread in the mail and knitting baby booties

 It felt like my birthday finding this in my mailbox!  Thank you, Diane, for sending me some Perfect Quilter Thread to try out.  You are so kind and generous!
As you can see, I'm tatting the Spinning Wheel and it's going to be gorgeous!
Kim sparked a knitting frenzy in me to knit these baby booties up.  These are knit with Dale Baby Ull in Inox US sz 0  double points.  I've got two pair finished.  I am going to do as Kim did and knit an I-Cord for the lacing's.  Mine will be cranked out on my Antique Circular Sock Machine.
You can find the pattern for the Jane's Baby Booties on Kim's website as well as some great notes and photos as she knit them.


  1. I'm glad you received the thread so quickly! Isn't it great? Love the baby booties!

  2. So what becomes of the baby booties after they are done? Is there some good news coming from your neck of the woods??? :)

  3. i got a fright when I saw the bootees thought you may have had some news for us....vbg

  4. Wow! I just found your post! I'm proud to have been a bad influence on you. (I've always wanted to be able to say I've led others astray).

    I continue to knit these booties, and have colonized nurseries on two continents with them. And I continue to look for their ultimate source. Sooner or later the Ur-Bootie will turn up - probably in a women's or family magazine from the 1890s to 1920 era.

    Hope your knitting adventures continue to bring you joy, -K.

    1. Kim, I am honored that you found this post on the wonderful baby booties and left your, uh, comment. Once I am rid of the left thumb tendinitis, I will knit more. I am, however, able to teach others how to.


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