Friday, May 10, 2013

Houston..........they left the nest

 05-01 at 1214 hrs
This is the last, in the nest, photo since their eyes are watching me as much as I'm watching them!
 05-02 at 1848 hrs
From the kitchen window.
 05-04 at 1101 hrs
From the dining room window.
 05-05 at 1208 hrs
It's HOT!
 05-07 at 0710 hrs
Who would have thunk they were planning on leaving today!
 05-07 at 1402 hrs
Just before taking a short, yet permanent, flight from home.
05-07 at 1721 hrs
The last one to leave.
NOTE:  Mom and Dad will continue to feed them another 4-6 weeks.


creativedawn said...

That is fabulous...your pictures documenting the birds' birth and movement and then leaving the nest! Awesome. thanks for sharing that ...

hugzzzzzz... hope you are well!

Hilltophomesteader said...

Thanks Maria! They are so precious (as are you!) What's your next photo project??? Or are you on to a treadling project next? ;-)

umintsuru said...

You provided a safe nursery for them. Hope mom and dad comes back to do this again. Thank you for the photos.

Snowcatcher said...

Just amazing. I cannot believe they grow up so fast. I'm so glad you got to document these different stages! Makes spring more magical!

Carla said...

Wonderful photos!!!