Monday, April 22, 2013

Announcing the birth of two baby birds!!!!!!!!!

 Me checking on the eggs on 04-20 at 1825 hours.
 OMG!  I just KNEW there were babies because Birdie was doing different looking at them!  I I ran out with the camera on 04-22 at 1326 hours when I saw Birdie leave the nest.  
Here we have TWO babies and they already have down!
04-22 at 1714 hours, we have dry fuzz!  Still the two babies.
It's 1728 hours when we see Mrs. AND Mr. Birdie feeding the babies at the same time!


  1. Now those pictures take me waaaay back to my childhood! It is so exciting to see those birds peck their way out of the surreal also.
    Thanks for sharing the story on the birds....

    big hugzzzzzzzzz

  2. They're here! They're here! And you got picture proof!!! Such little cuties!!!

  3. So amazing Maria! They are so cute and I love the blue color of the eggs and how lucky are you to have a front seat (as it were) for all of the baby bird action. Thank you for the photos.


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