Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tatting is fun!

 I've been a little busy with tatting this and tatting that..........
 The doily (sz 30 thread) on the right isn't laying flat....because my thought of 1/4" thread spacing isn't what the ruler says.  I will have to tat it over again.
The square motif is tatted with sz 20 thread and isn't finished yet.
 Ahh, yes, [with the help of Sharon Briggs website] my first tatted wild rose (sz 20 thread) it!
Using sz 20 thread, I tatted a few chain links and then moved on to Marliee Rockley's earrings from April 2012 Bead & Button Magazine.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Tatting is fun! I really like the thread you're using... very soft and appealing.

creativedawn said...

So gorgeous! and I need to learn to do it as that would be a really sweet finishing touch to my doll babies's dresses and socks! Thanks for sharing!!!

still here admiring your work!

CraftyGryphon said...

Wow!! That's amazing! I took a tatting class in July, and I kinda got the hang of it - but haven't produced much. Your stuff is just LOVELY and I have a real appreciation now of the labor involved!

Thanks for sharing the pretty thing pictures!!

umintsuru said...

I agree with Diane. These pinks are lovely!! Your tatting is gorgeous.

Snowcatcher said...

Well, you've boosted my determination about about a thousand notches. :) These are so gorgeous, so dainty and light. Love the colors, too!

Linda said...

Such gorgeous tatting Maria, I love it. You really are moving along with it too. Catch up again soon.

shirley said...

Hi Maria, I just love your tatting it looks so good, and you look so beautiful in your pink sweater. I swear you are getting younger all the time....will you tell us your secret?

Anonymous said...

Oh, what wonderful things you make!!! They are all very nice. (Sorry for my English)
Many greetings
Apollonia from Switzerland

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria
You have made so wonderful things!!! One is nicer than the other!!
(Sorry for my English)
Wish you enough inspiration for more wonderful works.
Many greetings
apollonia from Switzerland