Sunday, August 12, 2012


Finished my eight 10"x17" napkins from my Handstitched Premium Class with Rachel at Stitched In Color.  I couldn't find 1/4" gingham that was 100% cotton but I found this (close to 1/8" squares) cotton fabric from Quilter's Junction, my local quilt store.  Here's to hoping I have the nerve to use them!
I've also been shutting tatting and using my Tatting Press.


  1. Those look so good! Maybe you should get them dirty right away with a picnic ;)

  2. Hey, even I like the picnic idea! Can't wait to see what your tatting hands have been up to!

  3. Oh, they need to be used! You did a great job making. I think a picnic is a great idea too. At least serve yourself some dessert and use one to admire your handiwork :)

  4. These look great Maria, I like the colour combination, and I think that the 1/8th squares on the gingham look daintier than the 1/4in.
    Great idea to have a picnic too.

  5. Hi Maria, I am leaving a comment on this post to make sure you get an answer to the question you asked on my blog.
    Yes, Maria, the silicone dries rubbery and can be pushed out and then pushed back in to the tatting shuttle again.


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