Friday, March 30, 2012

I can Spin..........

.....fingering wool AND worsted wool!

There are 1025 yards in the fingering weight and 275 yards in the worsted weight.  Both are 2-ply.

It seems once you learn to spin, you spin thinner and thinner or skinnier and skinnier.  I wonder why.


  1. Hi Maria, lovely to see you blogging again. Your homespun is so even, simply beautiful. I simply CANNOT spin. I admire those who can. I do love knitting with homespun, such a luxury. I hope things are well, and you are keeping busy. Cheers.

  2. It's gorgeous! How did we not approach the topic of spinning the other night when we talked?!? I'm trying to learn. I hope my efforts will be as beautiful as yours!

  3. FINALLY she blogs again!! I've been wondering how you are ... and when you're coming up to Victoria again.
    :) Oh, and the spinning's lovely, too...

  4. Hee! Looks great - I'm still trying to figure out how to get the yarn stuck to the leader without it breaking the second I step on the pedal. There's gotta be some trick to it, but I haven't got it yet!!

    Maybe I'm trying to go too thin right off the batt. Hmm....

  5. Wow - this is lovely spinning. I'd love to learn how!

  6. Very very nice! You are right -- I too find that I am able to spin finer and finer, which is not always what I want, and it is extremely difficult to spin heavier yarns. Trying to spin slubby yarn is also very hard to do.

    Spinning is so addictive! I really need to do something with all the yarn I now have. But what? Spinning is just more fun!!


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