Sunday, May 15, 2011

National Peace Officers Memorial Week........

......starts today.
My first husband, James Michael Young, was killed-in-the-line-of-duty in 1983.  I remember him every day.  I am reminded of all the other officers who died, every year.  There is a website called ODMP that I became a member of....when I became a widow.

Please take the time to remember those fallen officers, today, yesterday and tomorrow.

On a more uplifting note!  The Give-Away is still going!  Please visit this post today!!!!  Who wouldn't want to be the winner?!!!


  1. It must have been a very sad time for you Maria, and so nice that you remember your husband for so long. He must have been a good man
    I think all our peace officers do a wonderful job at protecting us and more people should remember them and respect them.

    As well as peace officers, America has so many soldiers all over trying to keep the world a safe place for us all. These and the soldiers of other nations should be always be remembered too.

  2. One of the worst days in my life was when I heard "Deputy Young was killed today" on the radio. I called you and was shocked to hear you answer the phone. I was so tragically touched by those events back then. Alas, I've had to go to far too many funerals since that day. I said a little prayer just the other night and asked Mike to take Carlos under his wing up there. Just one of many, many, little prayers to Mike over the years. The man who taught me so much. One of the best of the best. My heart goes out to you Nancy, he was a great guy and I know you made him very happy. Big hugs to you!

  3. My heart still breaks every time I read anything you write about Mike. You truly did not get enough time with him. But do we ever get enough time with the ones we love?

    Miss you; hope you're having good week in spite of poignant memories.


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