Thursday, March 17, 2011

Test Knitting the Sangiovese Stole

Photo by Lost City Knits
It was an honor to be included in the small group of test knitters, for Lost City Knits, for this stole.

I knit it with the lace weight silk I bought from the owner, Denise, a while back and it told me it wanted to be the Sangiovese Stole.  Ha!  We all know that the yarn needs to speak to us!

It is more beautiful and elegant than I imagined it would be.

Photo by Lost City Knits
 I love it.


  1. This is just so beautiful. I drool every time I see the photos! And I'm so grateful to know I'm not the only one who hears yarn (and thread) voices in my head...

  2. Hi Maria, That stole is truly beautiful you are just so talented.

    I always love to read your blog, and see and hear of what you have been working on.

    Congratulations. You have been awarded a Stylish Blog Award.

    For details go to

  3. That is simply breathtaking! Beautiful knitting...



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