Monday, February 22, 2010

Starting over.....

....for the 3rd time!
Oh, well, I'd rather get it right anyway. Besides, I'll know the ins and outs of THIS pattern! You can find it [FREE] here: Doily-of-the-Month. This one was the Member's Choice and I've learned...when in doubt....ask on the group because they will help you so you'll only have to attempt to make it Once.
I'm using the color, Pumpkin, and US sz 8 steel hook.


  1. I don't crochet and I don't make doilies but that is the most fantastic orange I've seen!!

    Where's the "love" button?

  2. What is your drink of the day to do this ? Curious minds need to know.

  3. It IS a great color, isn't it, Denise!!!

    If I drank, I'd be able to answer you, Miss Scarlett.


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