Saturday, September 5, 2009

What takes more brain cells to do than knit?

You've got it! Genealogy!
I've been away from my beloved blog learning to weave, spin better, and figure out new knitting techniques.
There's been the many, many Power Surges I've been having and it does not make me happy that I am unable to wear my hand knit sweaters! I looked forward to winter just for that.
Is there anyone else out there that wears T-shirts all year round?
I'll be away at the semi-annual CSM retreat in Lacey, WA starting Sept. 11-13. It's the sort of retreat where you play all day until someone yells that it's time to eat.......Oh my, I thought.....this must be what it feels like to be a man. :)


Mokihana said...

I wear t-shirts all year long but in the winter I wear them over lightweight long-sleeved shirts.

candi said...

I wear t-shirts all year long. You take a native Minnesotan and then make her over 'a certain age' and she usually has the window open all year long too! =)