Monday, June 30, 2008

Something wicked........

This is something I've had with me since I was 10 or 11 years old! So for 40 years, I've taken it with me, with each move.
My youngest sister, Debbie, gave it to me.

I wonder if any of my wonderful readers know what it is. Hmmm?


  1. It's a "Devil's Claw" seedpod, with eues added. Frequently crafted in the Southwest US and sold at craft fairs and flea markets!(Have a few I saved when we moved back East from AZ, myself!)

  2. Wow! Is it really a Devil's Claw seedpod? Where can I get one? Those are so neat!!

  3. My gosh, Nancy! I didn't think anyone would know so quickly! Just goes to show I'm not the only one.
    Hi Candi,
    That one, pictured, is 3 of 'em put together.
    Hmmm, I wonder if I picked the seeds out if I could grow some?

  4. I thought it was a praying mantis made out of human hair. Devil's claw sounds much cooler. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  5. It looked like the outside of the nutmeg, the MACE part. . .

  6. I used to have one that I carried from house to house as well.It came from a feild behind my Gramps farm in Abilene Texas. I cant believe that anyone else had one they carried around as well. Hurrah for the internet....


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