Thursday, February 14, 2008

Socks for a dear friends SIL

The process first started with the invitation to do something special for my dear friend, Alberta. First, of all, we are friends for life with a common tragedy - my husband was a deputy killed in-the-line-of-duty in Arizona and Alberta's husband, of over 20 years, was State Trooper who was killed in-the-line-of-duty in Washington.
Alberta wanted to giver her dear SIL something unique and special to her so she asked if I would knit her a pair of warm socks. Of course I would. :)
The next step was to find out what her favorite colors are; some important measurements for a personal fit; how she would be wearing them; and any allergies to certain fiber animals.
I love searching for the right yarn and found Schaefer Anne at Little Knits, called "Puget Sound". As a note of caution: You should always purchase 2 hanks when they are a Limited Edition, because when they are gone - They Are Gone.
So now comes gauge and the perfect pattern from 'Sensational Knitted Socks' by Charlene Schurch called Baby Cable Rib - and I can't believe I got gauge with US sz 1's! Usually, it's 0' with that information and the circumference of her foot, I figured 10% less for ease and cast on 68 stitches (making an adjustment as her pattern is for 64 or 72 stitches) with US sz 3; knit 3 rounds of k1, p1; and then switched to my gauge needles and knit away. I use one needle size smaller for the heels and toes for durability.
So, this great hank of wool and mohair with some nylon went from this........

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Bridget said...

Oh, what a story. I am so sorry to know that such a terrible tragedy occurred, but glad you ended up with such a wonderful friend.

BTW, I meant to write to you (and kept forgetting), but I listed you on my blog a few days ago as making my day ... 'cause it's true!

Have a good weekend.